Bruck Lighting

The Bruck Lighting Story

Bruck Lighting was founded in 1968. Based in Herne, Germany, Bruck Lighting Systems went global in 1985. Soon, through precise engineering, craftsmanship and dedication to quality, Bruck's line of track lighting (line voltage and low voltage track light fixtures) was setting the standard for all other makers of such systems in Europe, North America and Asia.

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In 2000, the company upped the ante once again with its development of Ledra, with innovative lighting designs using reliable, energy efficient and long-lasting LEDs. This line has changed forever how LEDs are perceived and continues to evolve and take LED technology further than ever before. And today, Bruck offers a complete catalog of decorative lighting including line and low voltage pendants, flushmounts, track lights, monorail systems, wall lights, recessed lighting and fixtures suited for outdoor spaces. Bruck supplies these light fixtures for both residential and commercial applications, creating cohesive solutions for almost any need.

Why We Love Bruck Lighting

Bruck makes energy efficiency and the latest lighting technology glamorous. Their contemporary LED lighting products, such as the adjustable Ledra spot heads, are glisteningly metallic and ultra-contemporary. Meanwhile, the colorful, swirling art glass used in their decorative pendants and sconces is specially hand-crafted to evenly diffuse the light within across its entire surface. In addition to being simply beautiful, such decorative details point to the inherent high quality of each Bruck fixture overall. For kitchens, dining rooms, entryways and almost any modern living area, Bruck is a go-to choice for interior design specialists who appreciate high quality and high efficiency lighting.

Fun Facts About Bruck Lighting

Bruck is now located in Tustin, California and is a part of the Ledra group of brands, which also includes Wila and Molto Luce. the company began operations in the US in 1993, but they still have production facilities in Europe. Bruck is also one of the first lighting designers in the US to integrate LED technology into its line of decorative and accent pendants.

Noteworthy Lighting from Bruck Lighting

The Bruck Lighting Ledra Duo LED Recessed Light is the purest expression of the Ledra line: bright, streamlined and modern. For dramatic and colorful lighting in your home, you'll love the Zara Pendant. The vibrantly colorful glass shade encasing its frosted glass light source allows the Zara fixture to display radiant amounts of color throughout your space.

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Bruck Lighting