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Track Lighting Heads

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115 Results


115 Results
  • Silo X10 LED Monopoint
  • Charge LED Line Voltage Track Head
    $3750 - $4690
  • Silo X10 ACLED Track Head
    $9995 - $10895
  • Summit ACLED 15W Beamshift Line Voltage Head
    $9995 - $11995
  • LED2020 Silo X20 Beamshift Track Head
    $15795 - $16695
  • Silo X42 LED Monopoint
    $23395 - $24295
  • Lianello LED Spotlight Track
    $24087 - $34382
  • Wall Wash ACLED Track Head
  • LED2010 Silo X10 Track Head
  • Open Back GU-10 Track Head
    $1818 - $1960
  • Exterminator II LED 1023 Monopoint Spotlight
    $25195 - $26995
  • LED2042 Silo X42 Beamshift Track Head
    $21595 - $22495
  • Wall Wash LED Monopoint Spot
  • Exterminator II LED 1023 Track Head
    $23395 - $25195
  • Cast Cube Track Head
  • Line-Voltage 704 Track Head
  • Vision LED Surface Mount System
    $34925 - $46475
  • Precision LED160 High Output Track Head
    $14395 - $15295
  • ISO Head Spotlight
    $36400 - $49600
  • Low Voltage Roundback 809 Track Head
    $5066 - $6946
  • Mini-PAR Flat Back Track Head
    $5780 - $6274
  • Close-Ups Small Track Head
    $4644 - $5260
  • Charge LED Line Voltage H-Track Head Multi-Pack
    $6654 - $50659
  • LEDme 009 Framing Projector
    $39595 - $40495

Learn More About Track Lighting Heads

Why We Love Track Lighting Heads

Creative lighting options allow you to change the mood of any room simply and with great sophistication. Track lighting is one of the most versatile choices in lighting, allowing you to focus attention on a certain part of the room or a special accent piece. Track lighting heads rotate, allowing you to take control over the functional power of the lights, directing the stream of lighting exactly where you need it to go. A great variety of track light heads offer an ideal fit for many of the rooms in your house, no matter what the current décor and style may be.

Where Track Lighting Heads Work Best

Directional heads for track lighting systems conveniently allow you to add more light or take some light away from any given point where you have installed this unique type of room lighting. The movable track heads are easy to twist and position so that they shine exactly where you need the lighting most. This style of directional lighting works very well when you are working on meal preparation, craft projects or simply trying to highlight a piece of artwork or another home accent. For kitchens, living rooms and even the hallway, multi-directional track heads bring a noticeable amount of focused and versatile lighting.

Track Lighting Heads For Every Style

Although prominently a contemporary choice of lighting, track lighting finds its home among almost any style of interior decoration. Your home's existing color palette and interior design style are uniquely complemented by the modern track lighting offerings by WAC Lighting. WAC Lighting's assortment allows you to craft a well-designed track system with directional spotlights, gorgeous glass pendants and all of the hardware you will need. Familiar color options from Juno Lighting work well in any space and look to Eglo for a variety of multi-head track spotlights. Lastly, for those who appreciate the benefits of energy efficiency, be sure to see the selection of LED track heads.

Choosing The Best Track Lighting Heads

Directional track lighting heads can be the primary component of your track system or they can work to complement other fixtures you choose. When selecting heads and spotlights for your system, you'll first to determine the sizes you need. Identify dimensions like height, width and hanging length to make the best choice. And although relatively small, you'll find these rotating track heads can successfully illuminate a large amount of space. Next, review the fixtures' required bulb type and lumen output to gauge just how bright it will be in your room. This will also help you determine if you need multiple fixtures for your track lighting system. If you have any questions about the track lighting heads featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like the look and functionality of track lighting, you are sure to enjoy other types of creative ceiling lights for the home. Pendant lights can help to enhance certain areas of the home, especially in the kitchen or finished basement areas. Recessed lighting can be helpful at providing appropriate lighting for certain rooms in your home. Finally, if you are planning to install ceiling track lighting directional heads, make sure your room has some statement-making wall décor or decorative accents to take on the spotlight.

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