Flush Mount Lighting

Why We Love Flushmount Lighting

Flush mount ceiling lights used to be considered a boring lighting category, limited to plain opaque globes that only served one main purpose – to illuminate small areas. Now, flush mount lighting can be found almost anywhere and these ceiling and wall fixtures complement a variety of residential and commercial settings. Today’s flush ceiling lights are decidedly modern and come in an extensive array of shade colors and styles that make bold statements in contemporary spaces. You'll also find intriguing sizes and shapes to help match the exact fit of your home.

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Where Flush Ceiling Lights Work Best

Flush ceiling light fixtures are a remarkably versatile typae of fixture that is suitable for almost any interior space. These fixtures are typically ceiling-mounted but some styles can also be wall mounted for added flexibility.

If you need to illuminate a hallway, vestibule, stairwell, landing, foyer, or other small space, modern flush ceiling lights are the perfect solution. Flush mount lighting is also a great way to add bright, overhead lighting to poorly lit spaces like narrow hallways and crawl spaces. You can choose from smaller, minimalist fixtures or go for striking semi-flushmount chandeliers for entryways and other high traffic areas.

Flushmounts: Functional & Fashionable

No matter what style elements you’ve incorporated into your space, there’s certainly a flush mount light fixture that will compliment your décor. Modern flushmounts are more than just functional and with so many stunning styles to choose from, you’ll never run out of design inspiration.

Some of the most innovative low profile fixtures come from top brands such as Tech Lighting, Artemide, and WAC Lighting. Contemporary brands like Visual Comfort offers contemporary flushmounts with intricate shade designs, while Kuzco Lighting specializes in beautiful LED chandeliers with finishes that range from brushed metal to walnut veneer.

How to Choose the Best Flushmounts: Finishes, Sizes & More

With so many choices, you may be wondering how to select the best flushmount fixture for your space. You’ll first want to consider how you intend to use the fixture. For entryways, great rooms, or dining areas, a chandelier-style flushmount adds a touch of sophistication. For utility lighting for small areas, a simpler globe shade flushmount is ideal.

Popular flushmount fixtures are available in a variety of finishes, ensuring that whichever one you choose will perfectly compliment your furniture and accessories. Some of the most modern finishes include brushed nickel, assorted patina shades, and antique brass. You also have some flexibility when it comes to shade colors, as there are plenty of choices ranging from neutral frosted glass to lustrous organza.

However, the options don’t stop there. In addition to shade size and finishes, you can completely customize the level of illumination for your space. Choose from bright, energy-saving LED flushmount lighting, standard soft white incandescent bulbs, or the concentrated task lighting provided by fluorescent bulbs.

Other Considerations

Ceiling lights are so adaptable that you can easily customize them to fit almost any space. If you are looking to illuminate a space with a sloped or vaulted ceiling, recessed lighting is recommended. You can also get added functionality by installing a dual-purpose flushmount ceiling fan with an integrated light fixture. Depending on your space, semi-flushmount ceiling lights might be the way to go, especially if you’re replacing a dining room or kitchen fixture. These fixtures feature a slight drop from the ceiling that adds visual interest.

When shopping for a new flushmount, make a quick list of the features and styles that are most appealing and will work well in your space. Regardless of the fixture you pick, always keep your personal style at the forefront and be sure you understand the installation and maintenance requires before purchasing a flushmount fixture.

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