The Studio Italia Design Story

Angelo Tosetto founded Studio Italia Design in 1950 in Venice, Italy. The lighting designer had paid many visits to Murano in the late 1940s to learn their traditional glassworking methods. Studio Italia was based on Tosetto's passionate exploration of these techniques and other modes of fine Italian craftsmanship.

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The company celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2020 with a rebranding, becoming LODES. The new name plays on the Latin-Italian word for "praise" but is a term coined by the company to combine LO for love and DES for design. LODES currently distributes to over 90 countries.

Why We Love LODES Lighting

LODES has truly earned the prestigious "Made in Italy" label, as each fixture is a study in quality Italian design. All glass is still hand-blown in Murano, and all the metal machined and plated in-house to the strictest standards of quality. The finished pieces display a tasty blend of strong decorative elements (extending to the avant-garde) with equally strong technical innovations. And the lighting effects LODES lighting creates are just as impressive as the artistry of the designs themselves.

A Fun Fact About LODES

In just one of its many custom lighting installations, LODES was commissioned to provide lighting for Founding Farmers, the first LEED Gold-designed and Green Certified restaurant in Washington, D.C. The fixtures used were an iteration of the cloud-like Nuvola LED Pendants.

Noteworthy Lighting From LODES

The Kelly Sphere Pendant and Kelly Dome Pendant are laser-cut sculptural beauties that allow for unique shadows and light play, while the Sky Fall LED Pendant features a teardrop of Murano glass that is guaranteed to stand out anywhere it is place.

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