The Seletti Story

In 1964, Romano Seletti established a company in Cicognara, Italy, to import unique home furnishings from the Far East. From there, the Seletti company evolved and grew, eventually expanding from strict importing to the design and production of fun, high quality tableware, lighting, furniture and other home accessories. Today, more than 60 years after it was founded, Seletti works with many young designers from Italy and around the world to keep their offerings fresh and exciting.

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Why We Love Seletti

The company's roots in importation and distribution, together with a more recent focus on design experimentation, allows Seletti to think big and make popular products while still retaining a high level of creativity and artistry. In other words, Seletti designs are made for and enjoyed by the masses because of their individuality and fine sense of craft. Taken as a whole, the Seletti collection is elegant, but with a bit of irony and whimsy thrown in lest they start taking themselves too seriously.

A Fun Fact About Seletti

In 2014, in typical toungue-in-cheek fashion, Seletti created a housewares collection based on images featured in Toiletpaper, a picture-based Italian magazine with content best described as "black humor dipped in pastel colors." The selection of graphics used in the "Seletti Wears Toiletpaper" collection is at once intriguing and disturbing, including things like severed fingers, a toad sandwich, a plunger and a human heart.

Noteworthy Products From Seletti

The Rainboots Umbrella Stand is a great example of Seletti's ability to reinterpret existing objects in new and fun ways. It also has the right proportions and watertight construction to double as a large vase.

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