Atlas Fans

The Atlas Fan Company Story

Atlas Fans is one of the brands of the Matthews Fan Company (with the other being Matthews-Gerbar). The company was founded in 1992 by Chuck Matthews in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Matthews had a vision for his company from the start: to create unique fans with a high-end decorative appeal that also perform superbly.

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Atlas Fan Company is known as the production line brand of Matthews Fans, with each fan still lovingly crafted, both in design and functionality.

Why We Love Atlas Fans

Atlas Fan Company offers one of the most eye-catching line of air mover on the market today. Their many rotating and oscillating designs pair contemporary elements like polished chrome, brushed nickel and black nickel finishes to modern metal-work design and the more traditional finishes to solid mahogany wood blades. These ceiling fans function well in older buildings to establish a theme, but they're also fantastic (no pun intended!) for new homes and remodels for that punch of cool retro fashion.

A Fun Fact About Atlas Fans

The Atlas rotational ceiling fans rotate because of the angular momentum created by the fan motors... and this momentum is then regulated by a centrifugal brake. Amazingly, there is no motor in the central housing to create the axial rotation.

Noteworthy Products by Atlas Fans Company

There is beautiful scientific inspiration behind the Atlas Fans Acqua ceiling fan (designed to resemble the molecular structure of water). We're also fond of the rustic modern Irene Hugger Fan. It's offered in multiple variations to accommodate your installation needs.

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Atlas Fans