Craftmade Fans

The Craftmade Fans Story

Based in Coppell, TX, Craftmade was founded in 1985 by Jimmy Ridings to design and manufacture ceiling fans that were fashion forward, yet always durable and reliable. The combination worked, and their collection of stylish and dependable fans continued to grow. Today, there are nearly 80 different fan styles.

In 2003, Craftmade expanded into lighting, but the main focus still remains ceiling fans.

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Why We Love Craftmade Ceiling Fans

With such enduring functionality and style, Craftmade ceiling fans are indeed crafted and made to last. Its line of ceiling fans represent just about every conceivable design style, from clean and contemporary to traditional and ornate, as well as various niche designs like tropical, rustic/frontier, sports and kids ceiling fans.

And Craftmade Fans offerings extend far beyond fans with a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories. Many of these lighting collections coordinate with the fans, making it super-easy to create a cohesive lighting/fan design.

A Fun Fact About Craftmade Fans

One of the first Craftmade ceiling fan designs--the Crescent--cemented the company's reputation for high quality and great design. It featured an indirect uplight shining up through distinctive tripod mounting. The design proved so popular that it remained a staple of the Craftmade Fans catalogue for nearly 20 years. While the Crescent is no longer in production, details from that original design live on in the features of other current ceiling fans by Craftmade.

Noteworthy Ceiling Fans from Craftmade

Craftmade offers several popular designs for the kids' room including the Pro Star Basketball Fan and the Black Sheep Kids Fan. And if you love energy efficiency in your space, you'll love a Craftmade ceiling fan powered by a DC motor for its minimal energy use and silent nature.

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Craftmade Fans