David Trubridge

The David Trubridge Story

After sailing the Pacific with his family for several years, British native David Trubridge landed in Hawkes Bay, NZ, in 1985, and stayed. Inspired by their travels, Trubridge put his skills in architecture and ship-building to use in the design of furniture. A pretty much local business suddenly exploded into an international one when, in 2001, his Body Raft chair was picked up for production by Cappellini.

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In 2004, Trubridge designed his first lighting piece, the Coral Pendant, an airy wooden sphere that set the stage for all of the nature-inspired contemporary lighting fixtures to come.

Why We Love David Trubridge Lighting

There are very few people who love the earth and its inhabitants more than David Trubridge, and his designs express that. They are created as means of cultural enrichment, to both nourish people spiritually and be environmentally friendly. They are light, airy and organic, and are quite simply gorgeous feats of structural engineering. They are made out of sustainably harvested timber, with recyclable plastic clips. Most are shipped un-assembled as part of the Seed System, with "seeds" of a lamp flat packed, using 1/40th the amount of packaging needed for assembled fixtures.

A Fun Fact About David Trubridge

David Trubridge offers free, easy-to-make designs on his website. Most are pendant lighting fixtures, but there is also one for a cardboard bird feeder. In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Trubridge also incorporates energy efficient LED light sources into his collection of pendants.

Noteworthy Lighting From David Trubridge

The Coral Pendant was the one that started it all, and remains a prime example of the airy intricacy of David Trubridge pendant lights. Inspired by coral reefs, its form is based on a geometric polyhedron. It is available in a variety of sizes, made of bamboo or aluminum, with vibrantly painted or natural interiors. Following the Coral Pendant, Trubridge designed the geometric-shaped Floral Pendant. And if you are really trying to make a statement with your lighting, look to the Icarus Wing Suspension.

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David Trubridge