Arne Jacobsen

The Arne Jacobsen Story

Being among the first to introduce modernist ideas to Denmark, Arne Jacobsen is often referred to as the father of mid-century Modern Danish design. Jacobsen was born in 1902 in Copenhagen. Initial interest in painting segued into design. He was admitted into the Architecture School of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. While still in school, Jacobsen already began receiving accolades and awards for his rationalist, modern architecture and product designs. Prizes and praise rained down on Jacobsen throughout his life, and continues to this day.

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Why We Love Arne Jacobsen

While also noted for his architectural achievements, Jacobsen is most famous for his furniture designs, including such iconic designs as the Ant Chair, the Egg Chair and the Series 7 Chair collection (all for Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen). These simple, yet effective designs garnered Jacobsen worldwide attention and guaranteed his on-going commercial success. They also embody the ideal combination of simplicity, functionalism, craftsmanship and post-war industrialization that were the main characteristics of modern Danish design.

Noteworthy Products From Jacobsen

When designing buildings, the Arne Jacobsen design approach was to view each as "gesamtkunstwerk," or a total work of art. As such, he was also apt to design the furnishings, accessories and other details that went into each building as well, including the Cylinda Line of stainless steel cocktail and tableware for the Stelton brand and the Bellevue collection of lamps by &Tradition, which Jacobsen designed to illuminate his award-winning "House of the Future" in 1929. Jacobsen is also responsible for the AJ Collection for the iconic Danish lighting brand, Louis Poulsen.

In His Own Words

"The proportion is exactly what makes the ancient Egyptian temples beautiful. And if we look at some of the most admired buildings of the Renaissance and Baroque, we notice that they were all well-proportioned. Here is the basic thing."

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Arne Jacobsen