The Emeco Story

Electrical Machine and Equipment Company (Emeco) was founded in 1944 by Wilton Carlyle Dinges in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Dinges' first assignment came from no other than the U.S. government, to manufacture a strong yet lightweight chair that could withstand water, salt air and rowdy sailors. The result was the iconic Emeco Navy Chair, made enitrely out of durable machined aluminum.

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Building on that literally strong foundation, Emeco has created a large collection of similarly beautiful, long-lasting modern furniture pieces. They have done so via collaboration with some of the world's most prestigious designers, including Philippe Starck, Ettore Sottsass, Frank Gehry and Norman Foster.

Why We Love Emeco

When we talk about the beauty of industrial design, Emeco furniture is what we're talking about. Each Emeco chair and table gleams in precisely engineered and manufactured reclaimed aluminum (sometimes with other materials). These are high design pieces made using an industrialized process very similar to those used for automotive or airplane parts. Dozens of steps go into the making of each piece; they are formed, welded, heat-treated, finished and anodized by man and machine working together in perfect harmony. It's time-consuming, but Emeco would never dream of taking shortcuts. Each piece is crafted to last forever, making further recycling unnecessary.

A Fun Fact About Emeco

When something's as legendary as the Emeco Navy Chair, rumors just can't help but circulate. A couple of these? In order to prove the worthiness of the chair to the Navy, Dinges threw it out of a 6th story window. (It was, of course, unscathed.) Secondly, the seat for the Navy Chair was modeled on actress Betty Grable's famous bum.

Noteworthy Products from Emeco

The first product that Emeco released remains its most popular. Whether you call it 1006, the Ten-oh-six or the Navy Chair, you know you're getting a sleek, stylish and strong aluminum chair designed to withstand everything the Navy could throw at it. Designed more than 50 years later, the Hudson Chair was the result of the first collaboration between Emeco and Philippe Starck. With its solid, polished back and familiar profile, the Hudson is, as described by Starck, "washing the details from the Navy Chair."

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