The Forestier Story

Grounded in a passionate reverence for the ceaseless beauty of the natural world, it was an appreciation for the ornamental aspects of French gardens that proved to be the tipping point for Bernard Forestier to found his namesake company in 1992. His desire was to take the highly detailed architecture of topiary and apply those same aesthetics—proportionality, balance, juxtaposing clean and curvy lines—and apply those governing principles to lighting.

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Despite Forestier's passing a decade later, his original vision has remained largely intact. New leadership and a dozen designers forge into the future without renouncing the past, employing new material mediums and pushing stylistic boundaries while advancing the core disciplines upon which the company was built.

Why We Love Forestier Lighting

To sum it up: Arik Levy. Astute design fans are likely to recognize the name, as you will find it attached to a multitude of objects that are currently found on display in galleries, museums and high-end retail shops around the world. It's likely that his Paris address facilitated the symbiotic working relationship. No intended slight to the other designers with close ties to the company, but the Levy aesthetic is attached to more than two dozen fixtures offered by Forestier.

Fun Facts About Forestier

Forestier is currently led by Jean Dominique Leze, previously a Deputy CEO and Sales Director for ENO (Edition Nouveaux Objets), a French decorative arts company producing home and kitchen accessories, with a penchant for elevating everyday objects through good design. It was during his tenure at ENO that Leze originally worked with Arik Levy.

We love the sculptural sophistication found in the Fil de Fer collection, highlighted by the Opium Pendant. A tightly spaced and elegantly shaped bent wire cage decoratively frames a diffuser that is cloaked in white linen. We can imagine these pendants darkly dangling over a gothy garden party. And the Mesh Collection displays geometric excellence in a series of lantern-like wireframes that hint at the original founder’s topiary foundation.

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