John Beck Steel

The John Beck Steel Story

Founded in 2008, John Beck Steel is a studio workshop in Edwardsville, Illinois, that lives, breathes and works raw steel. Each year the studio rolls out an assortment of handmade lighting and furniture designs straight from the mind of John Beck himself—always with a frank, down-home sense of humor and a sincere passion for the material.

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Every light is designed and handmade here in the USA, embodying the all-American-industrial feel of the entire collection. This small studio loves the hard work and grit of working with steel and wood, creating a range of edgy lighting designs that work well in both commercial and residential spaces.

Why We Love John Beck Steel Lighting

John Beck Steel will tell you like it is, and they aren’t shy about their production process either. “Our weapon of choice is hot rolled steel. We’ve touched, welded, sanded, polished, destroyed, worked and reworked tons of it.” Each piece is an honest expression of this love affair with steel, and carries the weight of their “mark of the hand” slogan with each design.

Fun Facts About John Beck Steel

In early 2016, John Beck Steel won Best 10 X 10 Exhibit at BDwest16: A Boutique Design Trade Fair.

Noteworthy Lighting from John Beck Steel

The John Beck Steel Hex One Mini Pendant is a faceted steel shade with a large globe bulb that sits comfortably below the structure. The steel is stained and buffed by hand, leaving behind a dark gradient finish, which is warmed by the bright filaments of the bulb below. The bulb can be adjusted to sit further inside the shade or it can be lowered for a more dramatic effect (the globe bulb is included).

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John Beck Steel