Regina Andrew

The Regina Andrew Story

From the humble beginnings in a garage in Michigan, Regina Andrew now has a large line of modern lighting and home accessories that are clean, modern and chic. By combining organic materials such as shells, glass and coral with more conventional materials such as crystal, brass and iron, their collection of eclectic lighting fixtures and accessories has a refined sense of cool with roots in music. Through bold proportions combined with mixed materials, they created an aesthetic that can be described as coastal style meets rock ‘n’ roll.

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Why We Love Regina Andrew Lighting

Using coral, wood, chains and even concrete, Regina Andrew is able to inventively develop coolly artistic lighting pieces that are still quite functional and sophisticated. Employees are encouraged to collaborate in the creation of their designs, making for original collaborative work. We also deeply appreciate their passion and authenticity, which comes through in all of their products. They are able to portray their passion for music and offbeat aesthetic while still having a tasteful sense of style.

Fun Facts About Regina Andrew

Staying true to their humble roots, Regina Andrew continues to invest in their city of Detroit. Known as “The Motor City”, this special place is defined by hands on hard work, roots in rock ‘n’ roll and a determined optimism to continue progress.

Noteworthy Products from Regina Andrew

The Boom Sconce is a nod to both contemporary design and modern technology. This wall fixture mimics the shape and placement of a boom mic (widely used in the film and TV industry). Truly inventive for a wall sconce, the Boom actually functions more like a floor lamp. The Concrete Saucer Pendant is a great example of how Regina Andrew successfully uses atypical materials—it is surprisingly detailed for a product made of solid cement.

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Regina Andrew