Kendal Lighting

The Kendal Lighting Story

Established in 1985, Kendal Lighting started as a provider of cutting-edge ceiling fans. The company then expanded its catalog with an assortment of distinctive and innovative lighting designs. Today, Kendal’s influence may be found in a variety of lighting collections, ranging from fixtures and vanities to ceiling fans and track lights. Kendal Lighting also has a commitment to exceeding their customer’s needs and expectations with quality, courtesy and progressive design.

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Why We Love Kendal Lighting

Kendal makes it a point to consistently introduce products that speak the language of contemporary composition and cover the full expanse of modern styling. From minimalist simplicity to geometric complexity, Kendal conceives a balance of form and function that makes possible a unique array of models with the essence of modernity. With a mission to cover the full range of contemporary design in its offering of lighting and ceiling fans, Kendal continually strives to introduce products that complement today’s interiors with discriminating style.

Fun Facts About Kendal Lighting

With 35 years of experience under their belt, Kendal has become a proven leader in quality control. During the production flow, their QC team monitors the testing and quality of materials, components and assembly, both in-process and through a final inspection.

Noteworthy Products from Kendal Lighting

The Phantom Ceiling Fan embodies the spirit of high-function and minimalist simplicity. With a DC motor hidden in the canopy instead of a traditional motor housing, the Phantom draws attention to form and function while styling itself with an entirely unique look. Using five warp-free blades with a 54” diameter, the Phantom Ceiling Fan embodies the essence of contemporary design that Kendal Lighting thrives on.

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Kendal Lighting