The A19 Story

In 1998, A19 founder Cinnamon Finken sat down with a friend over drinks and doodled plans for her own design company on the back of a cocktail napkin. The following Monday she told her boss that she wanted to acquire the company; miraculously, he was on board and subsequently mentored Cinnamon throughout the entire transition process. A19 was born with the help of her most experienced and talented designer contacts. Since then, A19 has achieved international acclaim for ceramic fixtures.

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Why We Love A19 Lighting

All A19 products are handmade in the United States and manufactured by master artisans, who create solid ceramic molds using old-world techniques. Many of their products come in bisque or untreated and unglazed ceramic, thus giving the buyer complete control over the piece’s customization. It is this blend of traditional manufacturing methods and modern design concepts that makes this a lighting brand deserving of a closer look.

A Fun Fact About A19

The name, A19, is a lighting industry inside-joke: Traditional incandescent lightbulbs were assigned a letter/number combination that signifies the bulb shape and size. The A19 bulb is arguably the best-known bulb on the market, with its quintessential lightbulb shape.

Noteworthy Products From A19

The Barbados Wall Sconce is part of A19’s Islands of Light collection. The vaguely shell-like silhouette projects up and downlight as well as an ambient glow from tiny hollows that let light stream though, creating an alluring shadow play. The body is fabricated in bisque ceramic, and can be left unfinished or painted any color you like.

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