The Lafuma Story

Born of the “Golden Age of Capitalism,” Lafuma traces its origin back to mid-century Anneyron, France, when they specialized in camping furniture. The post-war designs embraced a newly optimistic outlook that saw an increase in free time and holiday adventuring, and Lafuma’s product line offered cheerful, comfortable furniture that packed right into the trunk of the family car.

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Today, Lafuma has about a dozen patents for their furniture designs while still pursuing the comfortable, transportable and clever ideals that put them on the map in the ‘50s. Lafuma’s dedication to quality and practicality is quintessentially French, so it’s no wonder their designs bear the “Origine France Garantie” label, which guarantees that 50-100% of all design and manufacturing is produced in France.

Why We Love Lafuma

In addition to the comfort and convenience that each Lafuma chair promises, we love their dedication to sustainability. A major part of the brand’s philosophy revolves around enjoying oneself in the great outdoors, and Lafuma is doing their part to ensure those outdoors remain great for generations to come, from rigorous standards for their suppliers to recycled packaging and conscientious methods of transport.

A Fun Fact About Lafuma

Conceived during the mid-century space race, the Relax chairs not only embody Lafuma’s philosophy and approach to design; the 127° reclining position is said to be inspired by the body’s natural reclining position when floating weightless in space.

Noteworthy Products by Lafuma

For more than 60 years, Lafuma’s Zero Gravity Recliners have been a favorite choice for loungers of all ages. This outdoor essential has been updated with the decades while retaining its original “weightless” design that folds up for easy transport and cradles the body in the ultimate relaxing pose.

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