The Oasiq Story

Based in the concrete jungle of New York City, Oasiq has dedicated itself to bringing the peace and beauty of nature to people's lives. This they do with colorful reissues of mid-century modern design, sleek contemporary metal pieces and warm and sculptural teak. All are produced with the highest level of quality (hence, the "q" in Oasiq). All-in-all, there's something in the Oasiq collection to appeal to every outdoor taste and make being outdoors a wholly pleasurable experience.

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Why We Love Oasiq Furniture

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything" -Albert Einstein. It is nature--and more specifically the symmetry inherent to nature--that inspires the entire Oasiq outdoor furniture collection. The spiral pattern of a sunflower's florets, the scales of a pine cone, a fern's unfurling frond. All of these things are balanced and beautiful, a fact proven mathematically by their adherence to the golden ratio. This ratio informs all Oasiq furniture designs. Therefore, in their clean forms and simple elegance, Oasiq pieces are able to bring nature and its relaxing sense of balance that much closer to people.

Fun Facts About Oasiq

Before the company made furniture, Oasiq began as a manufacturer of equestrian sports gear. A long tradition of craftsmanship in fine leather, sturdy metal framing and waterproof textiles has proven quite useful in the production of long-lasting outdoor furniture.

Noteworthy Products from Oasiq

When you envision relaxing in nature, the hammock inevitably comes to mind: you're stretched out on a swaying hammock, dozing as a gentle breeze stirs the leaves of the tree canopies overhead. The Sandur seating collection evokes that airy feeling with handwoven rope seats, backs and arms stretched across an open stainless steel wire frame.

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