Studio M

The Studio M Story

STUDIO M was founded in 2013 by Jacob Sperling to create designer lighting products with the support of their parent company, Maxim Group Companies. From this relationship, they are able to draw from over 50 years experience in order to build unparalleled luxury lighting. Their collections have since garnered acclaim by realizing the potential of materials such as glass, brass, and fabric: often using hand-applied signature finishes, sculpted metalwork, and textile shades to bring their products to life.

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Why We Studio M Lighting

STUDIO M offers unique lighting solutions for designers and consumers alike. Through experience and artistry, they are able to reimagine classical forms, modernizing them to blend well with today’s architecture and design settings. These innovative forms are complemented by innovative function, being equipped with the latest energy-efficient technology when appropriate for long-lasting, environmentally-friendly usage.

Fun Facts About Studio M

STUDIO M’s parent company, Maxim Group Companies, was founded in 1965 by Jacob Sperling, a foreigner on a student visa studying aeronautical engineering. Inspired while working for a lighting retailer, he ended up using his mechanical expertise to manufacture fixtures, building them in his garage, and selling them in his station wagon. In addition to Studio M, Maxim Group Companies includes designs from Maxim Lighting and ET2 Lighting.

Noteworthy Products from Studio M

Innovative design and master craftsmanship are on display with the Olympus Chandelier. Its glazed glass spheres, French Gold frame, and free floating aesthetic are derived from the glitz and glamour of early 20th Century Metropolitan cities. Similarly, the 10 Carat Chandelier draws inspiration from the classic chandelier, deconstructing its form into a series of jewel-like crystals that suspend from Black fiber cords and Satin Brass tubing.

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Studio M