Boyd Lighting

The Boyd Lighting Story

Born of an era when modernist sensibilities were becoming a predominant part of American culture, Boyd Lighting bridged the gap between streamlined (often mass-produced) industrial designs and fine craftsmanship. A luxury brand exclusive to the United States, family-owned Boyd Lighting opened in San Francisco in 1921 as a custom lighting manufacturer that catered to architects and interior designers. For Boyd Lighting fixtures, quality workmanship and artisanship is on a pedestal, creating sophisticated and inheritable fixtures that stand the test of time.

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The Boyd Lighting story mirrors modern American history—always up-to-date with the times, Boyd’s lighting designs adapted to the dynamic changes the 20th century brought with modern commercial needs. Whether it be the brief stint contributing to the war effort or the modern day focus on energy-efficient fixtures, Boyd has been able to evolve without losing its clean and classic aesthetic. Today, the Boyd line brings us luxurious wall lighting and pendants that make a statement anywhere they are placed.

Why We Love The Boyd Lighting Company

The modern notion that decorative lighting can enhance an architectural space as a whole is part of Boyd Lighting’s ethos—this leads to remarkable attention to detail. Boyd Lighting employs age-old artisanal techniques in a modern context. The result is seamless metal frames and materials polished with jeweler quality (i.e. the use of “jeweler’s rouge” in the final stage of polishing).

Fun Facts About Boyd Lighting

Boyd Lighting has often been commissioned to create custom fixtures for major historical renovations such as the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii. Before that, Boyd fixtures were created for grand public spaces such as the San Francisco Opera House and Orpheum Theater. To further prove the durability and craft of Boyd light fixtures, their contributions to the WWII war effort included manufacturing ship lights, radar scanners and hospital stretchers.

Noteworthy Lighting from Boyd Lighting

Working with their many collaborating designers, Boyd Lighting is continually infused with fresh perspectives. Doyle Crosby is the mind behind the Boyd Lighting Steampunk Wall Sconce. A fixture inspired by a modern-day movement that is both nostalgic and futuristic, this edgy aesthetic blends Victorian-era style industrialization with futuristic technology. The end result is an idiosyncratic form combining streamlined and avant-garde design.

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Boyd Lighting