Jamie Young Co.

The Jamie Young Co. Story

In 1997, Jamie Young Jeter and her husband David Jeter took a day trip to Mexico and returned with a car full of flower pots. After selling the lot to a local florist, they realized the market for unique garden pots was wide open and began to produce them. As they tinkered with designs, they realized the pots would make interesting lamp bases, and the Jamie Young Company was born.

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Why We Love Jamie Young Co. Lighting

Influenced by art and design from all corners of the globe, Jamie Young Company offers both fashion-forward looks and classic styles to suit just about any interior from formal to funky and all points in between. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring home the essence of world travels.

A Fun Fact About Jamie Young Co.

Jamie Young Jeter attended the Parson’s School of Design, and David Jeter was trained at the San Francisco Art Institute; together, the couple has nearly 40 combined years of experiences in art, design and sculpture.

Noteworthy Products From Jamie Young Co.

The Cascade Chandelier is true to its moniker, with an actual cascade of steel arms that each end in a sparkling exposed bulb. The look can be changed up by varying the bulb shape, but this large and impressive piece is a dramatic centerpiece in any room it graces.

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Jamie Young Co.