The Schema Story

Originally founded in 1994 as Kalikasan Crafts, Schema began by producing holiday decorations using metal wire and fabric as fundamental materials. Under the guidance of its founder, Celia Gamboa-Jiao, the company grew quickly, dealing with clients from Asia, Europe, and the United States. In 2006, their focus shifted to functional design, using hand-woven metal wires exclusively to provide unmistakably beautiful yet sturdy luminaires.

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Why We Love Schema Lighting

All Schema lighting products are made by a dedicated team of artisan men and women. As guided by their founder, they carefully conceptualize each design then hand-weave metal wires (often used in roofing, piping, and other building materials) into intricate fixtures that are both functional and decorative. Because no products are manufactured by machine, each piece carries with it a unique aesthetic based on the artisan’s own personal touch.

Fun Facts About Schema

Once fabric was dropped as a main material, Celia experimented with the malleability of metal wires both from a structural and design perspective. She worked on developing possible methods of welding galvanized iron to make it more durable, and also explored overlapping thin wires with a spot welding machine, similar to how threads are weaved into a fabric. The result of this research, in fact, yielded the base material from which all Schema products are built.

Noteworthy Products from Schema

Whether hung as a single or in groups, the Section Pendant Lamp by Schema creates a decorative atmosphere that is simply stunning. Its traditional pendant silhouette has been reimagined by expert artisans using hand-woven wires as opposed to fabrics, metals, and plastics. Once lit, a single light source radiates through the semi-transparent shade, providing a warm ambiance as well as a unique internal illuminative pattern.

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