The Humanscale Story

Robert King originally sold mini computers for Digital Equipment but then quit that endeavor and started custom-installing mesh anti-glare screens on computer monitors to better serve the 9-5 office workers. That path spawned a relationship with designer Niels Diffrient and the founding of Humanscale in 1983.

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Niels introduced the Freedom Chair shortly thereafter. In 2004, ID Magazine named Humanscale one of the 10 "best companies worldwide that help push design forward." Four years later, Humanscale introduced the Element Task Light with MCX LED technology, further serving the office worker population.

Why We Love Humanscale Lighting

Humanscale is a company that considers the human body in their lamp designs. Their contemporary desk lamps are easy to use and cut way down on wasted wattage. Some of their LED task lighting uses a mere 6 watts of power, producing the same brightness as a typical 60 watt incandescent fixture. The lamps are made with recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. They're a great looking design for home or office and will last for up to 25 years when used daily from 9-5.

Fun Facts About Humanscale

Robert King not only looks out for the office worker; he's also concerned about the animal kingdom and is a main sponsor for the World Wildlife Fund.

Noteworthy Lighting by Humanscale

The Horizon LED Task Light uses "thin film" technology to provide bright, glare-free energy efficient illumination. Slick!

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