The Spore Story

Lamenting the lack of stylish modern doorbells available on the market, Ted Pierson and his business partner, Tom Gordon, founded Spore Doorbells in Seattle, WA, in 1997. Their focus in the design of their doorbells was simplicity and ease of use. Their first doorbell design, Square, fulfilled such goals with its clean shape and LED illuminated resin push button, and set the stage for the various Spore doorbell designs to come.

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Today, Ted Pierson continues to create sleek modern doorbells assisted by his wife and Spore co-owner, Lily.

Why We Love Spore Doorbells

Who would think something so small could have such a large impact? A doorbell is actually an essential part of an entryway and, as such, is an ideal way to make a strong first impression. Spore doorbells do so with sleek, modern detailing and a variety of gleaming finishes. The colorful integrated LED lighting in the majority of these doorbells both adds to the modern look as well as to its functionality. Spore doorbells also come in a range of sizes, making them useful home accessories on door frames narrow or wide.

A Fun Fact About Spore

While definitely modern, the simplicity of lines is exactly what makes some Spore doorbells suitable for use with older homes. The non-illuminated doorbells in particular--the True Non-Illuminated and Ring Doorbell--blend in beautifully with any home built after 1900.

Noteworthy Products From Spore

The True collection provides the ideal balance between traditional and contemporary design. Solid, yet small enough to fit in narrow doorjambs, the True comes in a variety of finishes and with or without colorful LED illumination.

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