Produzione Privata

The Produzione Privata Story

Based on a desire to return to the spiritual essence of product design -- using the hands and the mind to create products that we can live with in our contemporary society -- architect/designer/thinker Michele De Lucchi established Produzione Privata in 1990 alongside Sibylle Kicherer.

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A prominent member of early contrarian art movements like Alchimia and Memphis, De Lucchi continued to maintain an outsider perspective even while working inside large Italian design houses like Olivetti, Vitra, Kartell and, most prominently, Artemide.

While continuing to produce noteworthy lighting and furniture pieces for the aforementioned high-profile Italian firms, De Lucchi leverages Produzione Privata to balance that commissioned work with a personal exploration of technology and crafts. It’s a personal think tank, of sorts, bridging the design and artisanal production processes with a cultural perspective to develop concepts and products untainted by the industrial demands of manufacturing and marketing.

Why We Love Produzione Privata Lighting

Produzione Privata strives to instill the developmental design with some old fashioned (but not outdated) heart and soul. Creation mode for Michele De Lucchi typically starts with pencil drawings or watercolors before being reduced down to a final schematic that is then made with the help of skilled craftsmen. Special care is taken to emphasize the innate character of warm materials such as glass, metal and wood, with old school materials reconsidered and reapplied to reveal an elusive and often forgotten freshness.

Fun Facts About Produzione Privata

We’re not sure if he’s still pursuing this particular passion, but De Lucchi has been sculpting small wooden houses -- using a chain saw -- since 2004. A series of studies constructed from solid blocks of wood, the exercise was generated from the desire to research and experiment outside of the confined parameters typically established by clients and commissions.

Noteworthy Products from Produzione Privata

The Produzione Privata Acquatinta Pendant is a sculpted, Murano-glass heavyweight despite its smaller size. It features a Satin Nickel finish and comes in a variety of tinted glass. The transparent colors offer an inside out look into the inner workings of the lamp, while the more opaque colors only hint at what's going on underneath.

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Produzione Privata