Stadler Form

The Stadler Form Story

Stadler Form flew into the fashion world in 1998 after successfully transforming an ugly air humidifier into a futuristic fashion icon. The positive reception gave rise to a line of designer household appliances with not just purpose, but personality. The company is a strong believer in "making life colorful and enjoyable," transforming boring, merely functional fans and appliances into aesthetically pleasing Swiss engineered and designed home products for the modern world.

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Why We Love Stadler Form Fans

Say goodbye to hiding the floor fan in the closet. Thanks to their keen grasp on how to combine the "necessary" with the "desirable," fans and heaters are no longer eye sores but sights for sore eyes. Their sexy, modern fans inspire as they cool, appreciated for their appearance as much as their superb functionality. And since Stadler Form holds to this "functional fashion" philosophy when it comes to the environment as well, they are dedicated to using sustainable wood for all of their wood fan concepts in order to maintain an attractive and useful world.

A Fun Fact About Stadler Form

The Max Fan/Heater has the distinction of being on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Noteworthy Products by Stadler Form

In addition to the functional elegance provided by the Max design, the Stadler Form Otto is a go-to choice for a portable floor fan. Featuring a wooden shell you might expect to see on a snare drum, the Otto combines industrial looks with contemporary design you'll love introducing to your home or taking with you on the go.

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Stadler Form