The Verpan Story

Founded in 2003, Verpan is the exclusive manufacturer of Danish icon Verner Panton’s extensive catalogue of lighting and furniture designs. Working directly with the Panton estate—in particular, his wife Marianne Panton, Verpan is able to reintroduce many of Panton’s most memorable designs from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s for the world today.

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Referencing Panton’s original plans and sketches, his inventive and colorful spirit is able to be faithfully reproduced in each fixture and piece of furniture. Additionally, the same materials originally stipulated by Panton are used, ensuring a stamp of high-quality and historical accuracy.

Why We Love Verpan Lighting

A visionary with an individual and colorful style, Panton formed a distinctive branch of Danish Modern to the point that his work has transcended any classification with any other contemporaneous design genre. This individuality has elevated his furniture and lighting designs to cult status, and are now considered collector’s items as well as functional lamps. The distinguished provenance of the designs are guaranteed with Verpan; each piece is engraved with Verner Panton’s signature and are also included with a certificate of authenticity.

Fun Facts About Verpan

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous installations Verner Panton contributed to was the “Visiona” exhibition in 1970 during the Cologne Furniture Fair. This psychedelic space was commissioned by Bayer to showcase his unique designs, and included many of the products (including the Welle modular sofas and Spiral Pendants) that Verpan manufactures.

Noteworthy Products from Verpan

Designed in 1969, the Verpan Spiral SP1 Pendant displays Verner Panton’s fascination with the versatility of plastic as a luxury material. Individual strands of twisted Cellidor suspend from strands of nylon, forming a dynamic cluster of light and shadow. With the belief that light, color and materiality autonomously interact with one another to create an emotional reaction, the Spiral displays such impact with subtle movement and vibrant colors.

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