The Skargaarden Story

In the cold, dark regions of northern Sweden, summer is a precious--and brief--thing. So too are the times that you have available to relax and enjoy doing nothing. That is what inspired the founding of Skargaarden in 2008: to make outdoor furniture worthy of the limited time people are able to lounge and luxuriate in the warm summer sunshine. In this, Skargaarden has succeeded with their finely curated range of teak and metal outdoor furniture and accessories.

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Why We Love Skargaarden Furniture

Being able to capture the luxury of leisure time and sunshine in furniture design is an intriguing thought, and it's a goal which Skargaarden seems to meet rather effortlessly. To embody warmth, Skargaarden furniture heavily features solid teak, with some weatherproof fabrics, stainless steel and even leather thrown in to add distinctive, yet still natural, texture. Even the very simiplicity of the minimalist Scandinavian designs is relaxing. Basically, Skargaarden designs make relaxing feel more exquisite than it already is.

Fun Facts About Skargaarden

Gavle, Sweden, where Skargaarden is based, is also known as the birthplace of Gevalia coffee. (Gevalia is the Latin name for Gavle.)

Noteworthy Products from Skargaarden

The Djuro furniture collection includes a range of dining and lounging pieces made primarily out of teak, with bright white panels of Batyline Duo outdoor fabric available for the chairs. While designed in 2013 by Matila Lindblom, the Djuro pieces evoke the classic Scandinavian wood furniture designs of the 1950s.

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