Oggetti Luce

The Oggetti Luce Story

Oggetti was founded in 1975 by husband and wife, Robert and Nancy Frehling. Originally the owners of a boutique shop in Miami, Florida, the Frehlings had an eye for quality Italian glass work. When they started the lighting side, Oggetti Luce, they knew just where to go for distinctive glassblowing--Venice and Murano, Italy.

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Since its inception, Oggetti Luce has also acquired the talents of mosaic artists from the Philippines and various European countries. Perhaps the most notable addition to this creative community is Philippine-native Vito Selma. From his familial background in furniture, his collegiate training at Italy’s oldest design school, and his undeniable natural talent, he is able to construct opulent wooden fixtures that transcend their common geometric aesthetic into forms that are as beautiful as they are indescribable.

Why We Love Oggetti Luce Lighting

Oggetti Luce lights are all handmade by some of the finest artisans in Italy, the Philippines and Europe, and many of the pieces are signed by the original designers, distinguishing the pieces as original works by Oggetti. Every glass fixture is exceptionally stunning whether the light is on or off, highlighting one of several demanding Murano glass blowing techniques, such as murrine, filigree, incalmo, lattimo, and many others. The finished glass is thick, heavy, and absolutely stunning. Their mosaic pieces are equally as impressive, combining attractive colors and styles for one of a kind contemporary lighting.

Fun Facts About Oggetti Luce

The Italian name, "Oggetti Luce", means "objects of light" in English. Quite appropriate for describing these glass and mosaic gems.

Noteworthy Products from Oggetti Luce

Named after a star that suddenly increases its brightness before fading back to its original intensity, the Oggetti Luce Nova Pendant features an array of sculpted wood, made of dozens of 3D triangles. The illumination peaks through the small openings, lighting the space with a sculptural and contemporary aesthetic.

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Oggetti Luce