Bernhardt Design

The Bernhardt Design Story

Founded in 1889, Bernhardt Design got its start in Lenoir, North Carolina. While John Mathias Bernhardt originally conceived it as an industrial company, he soon realized that the abundant natural resources of the region, combined with the meticulous woodworking skills of the local people, could be put to better use in a furniture company. Thus, Bernhardt Design was born. Over the ensuing decades, Bernhardt and his team steadily worked to improve and refine their products, developing the brand into the powerhouse it is today.

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Why We Love Bernhardt Design Furniture

Bernhardt Design furniture is known for its crisp lines and modern styling, making it a great choice for contemporary homes. You'll also find a selection of Bernhardt Design office furniture, making it easy to create a forward-thinking office that is sure to impress your clients. The brand's designs make use of natural wood, as well as glass and metallic materials. The end result is home and office furniture that is simple, yet powerful. Because of their understated styling, Bernhardt Design office furniture and home furnishings are easy to pair with a wide range of decorative styles and color schemes.

A Fun Fact About Bernhardt Design

One thing that sets Bernhardt Design apart from other furniture companies, besides its unique creations, is that the company remains family-owned. Even after 125 years, the Senior Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and President positions are all held by members of the Bernhardt family. While they have brought in outsiders over the years, much of the control of the direction of the company still lies in the hands of John Mathias Bernhardt's heirs. In an age when many smaller companies succumb to larger organizations, it is truly inspiring to see the longevity of this illustrious brand.

Noteworthy Products by Bernhardt Design

The Bernhardt Design furniture lineup is filled with unique tables, chairs, couches and more. However, there are a few that are true standouts. For example, the Cp. 1 lounge chair from designer Charles Pollock gives a nod to the past while also looking to the future. This sophisticated chair combines retro elements with modern touches for a look that would look great in a family room or office reception area. Also by Pollock, the Finale upholstered sofa is elegant and stylish. Metal legs underneath the sofa give the appearance that it is almost floating above the ground. The low back creates an airy feel that won't dominate the space.

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Bernhardt Design