Framburg Lighting

The Framburg Lighting Story

The history of Framburg, the American designers and manufacturers of high end lighting products, is long and storied. In 1905, Henry Alfred Framburg founded the design firm in Chicago, Illinois, with the mission of designing and manufacturing the highest quality commercial and residential grade lighting fixtures.

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Well over one hundred years later, and Framburg is still pursuing this mission rooted in the artisan work ethic – all while using updated manufacturing techniques now available in contemporary times. It was not long ago that the designs were painstakingly rendered by hand, but these days the expert designers at Framburg use modern computer technology to achieve a superior balance of proportion and scale. While much of the lighting designs are engrained with the look of an updated midcentury modernist vibe, Framburg products have the transitional adaptability to effortlessly blend with any interior design.

Why We Love Framburg Lighting

We are proud to offer Framburg designs because of their wide range of style themes. From casual to formal, contemporary to gothic, refined to rustic - Framburg manufactures each one of these wide spectrums of product lines, all available on the high-end lighting market. Their pieces have an updated midcentury modern vibe, with the transitional style versatility to seamlessly blend with a variety of interior designs. Each Framburg piece is the beneficiary of deep institutional knowledge in metal forming, finishing, design, and engineering techniques that have been refined through the generations.

A Fun Fact About Framburg Lighting

Framburg is one of the last American light designers to manufacture their products in the United States. In the globalized world of manufacturing, this is unique and rare. Framburg designs and builds all their products from scratch in Illinois, exactly how they have done it for over a hundred years. This dedication to domestic manufacturing is good for American workers, and has given firm the ability to perfect their processes over the decades. This also means that their customers know that each piece is handcrafted, which signifies that an artisan took special care to make sure that each light fixture is of the highest quality available.

Noteworthy Products From Framburg Lighting

The Framburg style incorporates a nod to the Modernist movement that changed the world of design in first half of the 20th century. This includes pieces that have space age appeal, rustic flair, and industrial chic. For example, the Louvre collection exudes a traditional style with a design that is both sophisticated and minimal. Using exposed bulbs, vertical bars and bold colored accents highlighting a true statement piece for any room it is installed in.

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Framburg Lighting