The Itama Story

With a mission to supply the finest contemporary lighting, Itama works to create innovative designs that use the latest technologies. This translates to a brand that prizes designs that have been influenced by the human touch, blending form and function as lighting technology evolves.

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Why We Love Itama Lighting

Italian design comes together with human influence to push the boundaries of traditional lighting design. Contemporary and minimalist, Itama designs offer a simplistic way of lighting and adding a beautifully modern focal point. Working with notable designers and brands such as Harco Loor, Brian Ramussen, Jean Michelle Wilmotte and Andrea Lazzari, Itama strives to creative, cutting-edge designs.

A Fun Fact About Itama

Forty-five years after its inception, Itama was sold and founder Bram Klumpenaar took his retirement. Now as a leader of North American lighting, parent company Scangift continues to help Itama provide innovative Italian designs that allow designers and architects the opportunity to bring light to homes with convenience.

Noteworthy Products From Itama

Itama is constantly pushing the boundaries in their designs. The IO Mini SO Pendant features a clean, tapered silhouette in sleek finishes that exude minimalist elegance. And with a fun design and a variety of colors, the Easy Multi-Light Linear Suspension’s unusual exposed filament design is quirky and lively; a great pendant for grouping.

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