Intueri Light

The Intueri Light Story

A young company based out of Hungary, Intueri Light is a collective of artisans producing handcrafted, original lighting designs since 2012. Led by founders Krisztian Mecs and Jozsef Hegedus, the small studio utilizes traditional methods of production to create simple, yet impeccably rendered lamps with the utmost quality.

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The spirit of the company is guided by the craftsman’s relationship to the final product so that lighting can be made personal again. In doing so, Intueri Light challenges the values of mass production, reviving the handmade process so that each lighting design is unique.

Why We Love Intueri Light

Intueri Light has devised a modular design system that makes up the building blocks of all their lighting designs. By creating sets of shapes, rods, and stands out of their hand-spun metals and blown glass, the studio is able to piece the components together in different compositions to create new and unique fixtures.

Fun Facts About Intueri Light

The name “Intueri” is the Latin etymology of the modern day word, “intuitive.” Intueri Light therefore aims to create lighting fixtures that are unassuming in their function yet beautiful in form.

Noteworthy Products from Intueri Light

The Intueri Light Bullarum Medal Pendant is an atypical form featuring two metal arms cradling a warm hand-blown glass diffuser. The silhouette bends in to a triangular shape, drawing the eye to the glass which holds the light source, emanating a warm glow. From the spun metal, brass and blown-glass components, the entire fixture is handcrafted and finished by artisans in an effort to recapture the beauty of handmade quality.

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Intueri Light