The ILEX Story

ILEX, a Massachusetts-based company, was founded in 2000 to provide upscale lighting solutions for the hospitality industry. Throughout their young history they have aspired to merge beauty and function in every design, employing rich materials, high-tech manufacturing technology, and hand-crafted care to ensure the highest quality product. In a short amount of time, ILEX has built a sophisticated collection of pendants, sconces, flushmounts, and portables that are internationally recognized and admired.

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Why We Love ILEX Lighting

All ILEX pieces are made in the United States, ensuring quality as well as expedient shipping. In addition, they specialize in custom design and manufacturing for architects, design professionals, and lighting specifiers, addressing any and all lighting needs regardless of room layout and other architectural hurdles. The products themselves are steady and reliable, boasting the expertise of several artisans whose passion it is to create quality, timeless designs.

A Fun Fact About ILEX

ILEX features an eclectic group of designers in their Portfolio series that have a combined experience of nearly a century. They each bring a different flavor to the brand, drawing from their unique training and philosophies to create fixtures that are beautiful and functional. Norwell Lighting is the parent company of ILEX Architectural Lighting

Noteworthy Products from ILEX

The ILEX Gala Pendant was designed by Michael Graves to make a modern, architectural statement. Its opulent form consists of 10 Shiny Opal Glass diffusers that circle underneath a metallic halo that then reaches up to small, stepped canopy. Its 10 independent light sources are both laterally diffused for a warm, ambient glow, and longitudinally open (at the base) for a more direct lighting experience.

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