Hunter Fans

The Hunter Fans Story

Back in 1886, John Hunter and his son, John C. Hunter, created the first water-driven ceiling fan for the Tuerk Water Meter Co. in Syracuse, NY. In 1896, they bought out the Tuerk company and turned it into the Hunter Fan & Motor Co., that same year producing their AC-powered Tuerk Type A fan in Fulton, NY. As the years went by, the number of products grew, eventually including oscillating desk fans, pedestal fans, attic fans, A/C units, air purifiers, humidifiers, and even decorative lighting.

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Today, Hunter creates all of these products at their headquarters in Memphis, TN. Lumens carries Hunter's collection of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans and complementary decorative lighting.

Why We Love Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter draws on more than 125 years of experience, quality and innovation in the design of their ceiling fans. Hunter's ceiling fans feature AVT for wobble-free function, the EZ Hang quick installation system, and super-quiet Whisperwind motors. And rather than get set in their ways, the company isn't afraid to experiment. They incorporate technology into their fans that's unexpected and innovative, like speakers and heating elements. And they meet all modern design needs with a wide range of traditional, transitional and contemporary ceiling fan options. Plus, several of their lighting designs coordinate with their existing ceiling fan collections like Hepburn, Devon Park and Cranbrook for a seamless aesthetic in the home.

A Fun Fact About Hunter Fans

A water-driven ceiling fan? Before electricity came into widespread use, water-driven fans functioned via a series of belts attached to a water wheel outside the building. In other words, if you were in the desert, you were out of luck. With its inception occurring in 1886, Hunter lays claim to inventing the ceiling fan.

Noteworthy Products from Hunter Fans

The Low Profile series of fans are low profile in both its height and understated design, making it a favorite for contractors and commercial applications. For any room with low ceilings, you'll appreciate the Low Profile series and any of the brand's hugger ceiling fans like the Cranbrook, which has coordinating light fixtures to round out the look. In bigger open areas including great rooms and commercial locations, look to Hunter's large ceiling fans like the HFC 72 (72-inch blade span) or the HFC 96 (96-inch blade span). Finally, a Hunter outdoor ceiling fan is an ideal choice for covered patios or gazebos.

Lumens Statement

For more than 120 years, Hunter Fans has combined traditional craftsmanship with modern technical and design innovations to pioneer new and smarter ways to circulate air in the home. The entire line of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures testifies to their dedication to quality and fashion-forward design.

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Hunter Fans