The Foldability Story

Feverishly folding geometrically precise lanterns from her East London studio, Scottish designer Kyla McCallum began developing Foldability lighting in 2009, adding a fresh spin on traditional origami. A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art with a Master’s in European Design, McCallum began as a freelance designer for other companies, solidifying the foundation for Foldability.

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The studio’s portfolio is a culmination of McCallum’s hard work and education, creating a new niche in the lighting industry that rejuvenates the sculptural art. Supported by McCallum’s extensive artistic and product knowledge, the lanterns possess a spatial confidence that is mathematically balanced and graceful.

Why We Love Foldability Lighting

From simple constructions to complicated masses of geometry, McCallum has created a collection of lanterns that are carefully folded and assembled by hand, emitting a comforting light. Using a variety of textiles and parchment, different lighting effects are achieved, exposing a variegated pattern of opacities through the material.

Fun Facts About Foldability

In the short time since Foldability’s founding, McCallum has become a leading authority on origami, already winning prestigious awards for her handcrafted work. This included an exclusive partnership with John Lewis (a large department store in the UK), producing a one-of-a kind product design for a nationwide campaign. Foldability pendants are available in the US through Ameico, which also offers Original BTC, Studio Cheha and more.

Noteworthy Products from Foldability

The Foldability Petra Pendant is a multifaceted blossom created by folding squares of parchment in to a geometric masterpiece. Handcrafted at every stage, the 55 squares transform in to pyramid elements, pieced together in to an abstract composition that glows with light.

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