The Resident Story

Resident Studio was established in 2001 when a first time meeting between fellow New Zealanders Simon James and Scott Bridgens led to the quick realization that the pair shared a mutual interest in setting up a design-centric, export-focused retail company.

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Both were already deeply ensconced in the creative trade, James with his own NZ-based design, retail and import business; Bridgens having just returned to his homeland after a stint as operations manager for Tom Dixon. It was truly a kismet moment, as James was having a challenging time with the export channel of the business, and logistics just happened to be precisely Bridgens' core strength.

Why We Love Resident Lighting

Resident embodies a "think global, act local" construct. The home office remains in Auckland, the primary distribution hub is located in the UK, and manufacturing takes place in both countries. The set-up places the young company on equal ground with heritage European lighting companies when it comes to manufacturing capabilities and delivery times. Additionally, Resident's stable of designers are all New Zealanders - "people we know and whose work we admire" - but are based around the world.

Fun Facts About Resident

Like fellow countryman David Trubridge, much of the Resident's offerings - including the majority of their furniture line - can be flat-packed for transport. The environmentally-friendly option cuts down on both packaging and fuel costs when getting an object to the end user.

Noteworthy Products from Resident

The Resident Tri Pendant is a case study in geometric minimalism. Thin LED strips (with a color temperature of 3200°) are discreetly recessed into each of the three intersecting Brass stanchions of the sculptural fixture, the overlapping metallic channels acting as both reflector and diffuser to exude a rich burnished glow. The fixture was named Best Lighting in Urbis, a New Zealand home nesting magazine.

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