In-Es Art Design

The In-Es Art Design Story

Founded in 2003 by designer Ocilunam, In-Es Art Design is an Italian company with a highly decorative approach to lighting. Standing for interiors (in) and exteriors (es), In-Es Art Design uses a unique application of materials and paints to transcend both spaces with beautiful light.

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As the sole artist and designer of the brand, Ocilunam is dedicated to blending the technical side of lighting with the decorative arts. Most of his materials are quite tactile, including wools, fabrics, and nylon—in particular, Nebulite®, which is a mix of resin and fiberglass that regularly appears in his collection.

Why We Love In-Es Art Design Lighting

In-Es Art Design products have a distinctly warm and interactive type of lighting about them. Many of Ocilunam’s designs actually invite you to touch and personalize the products—whether a pendant or table lamp—establishing a closeness to the product. For instance, the Lavagna collection (“blackboard” in Italian) allows you to write directly on the fixtures with chalk.

A Fun Fact About In-Es Art Design

In 2014 In-Es Art Design gained international recognition with the Innovation Design Award, a prestigious award given by the German Design Council.

Noteworthy Products from In-Es Art Design

The In-Es Art Design Luna Pendant lets you gaze upon a full moon every day. With a special blend of resin and fiberglass, the globular shade has a scattered and fibrous texture that mimics the terrain of the moon. Ranging from a small orb to a large planet size, the Luna Pendant is a special type of lantern with a mysterious kind of light.

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In-Es Art Design