The Koncept Story

Koncept was formed in 2002 in Monterey Park, CA to build on the many years of manufacturing and industrial design experience gained by the founders, the Ng family. Peter Ng brought 30 years of design experience; his sons, Kenneth and Edmund, engineering degrees. The first Koncept lighting fixture was the Z-Bar, released in 2005.

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Critical acclaim and numerous awards followed. Thus encouraged by the popularity and need for high quality LED lighting, Koncept released the EQUO in 2009, the UCX Undercabinet Light in 2011 and variations of their flagship product, the Z-Bar, throughout.

Why We Love Koncept Lighting

You might not guess that so much is going on inside such slim, minimalist fixtures. Koncept lighting fixtures are exquisitely engineered, with smooth, infinite adjustability at their joints, delicate counterbalance and easy-to-reach touch dimmers. Not to mention the LED technology. The regular and high power LEDs offered in Koncept LED lamps produce bright light for tasks, making them ideal contemporary desk lamps. The energy efficiency of such lamping and the recyclable materials used to create the austere forms show Koncept's dedication to the environment.

A Fun Fact About Koncept

The cool, contemporary style of Koncept lighting fixtures have made them popular choices for modern office sets in TV shows and movies. For example, the Z-Bar can be seen in the 2011 film, "Contagion."

Noteworthy Lighting From Koncept

The first lighting fixture remains the standard for Koncept LED lamps: the Z-Bar. The Z-Bar High Power LED Desk Lamp is the next generation Z-Bar, improving on the original by putting out twice as much light, light color options and a 4-step touch dimmer. Finally, check out the Mr. n Table Lamp for a fun accent lamp that fits almost anywhere.

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