Tomnuk Design

The Tomnuk Design Story

In 2013 Jordan Tomnuk founded Tomnuk Design. Using his experience as an industrial designer, he led his company to tackle projects involving furniture, lighting, and public art commissions. In doing so, the brand has grown consistently, creating products that push the boundaries of convention with unique designs and manufacturing practices. Now, they are an internationally recognized, offering high-quality lighting and furnishing solutions that are as fashionable as they are functional.

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Why We Love Tomnuk Design Lighting

Tomnuk Design develops their products through constant questioning and observing. Each product is subject to unique metal, wood, and plastic production processes, ensuring a consistent durability and design quality. They showcase not only a meticulous artisan aesthetic, but an alluring elegance as well, balancing beauty and practicality in such an innovative way as to leave a lasting impression.

A Fun Fact About Tomnuk Design

Founder Jordan Tomnuk is the winner of the 2016 Wanted Launch Pad in New York City. His innovative design impressed both the jury panel and the public voters. Before that achievement, in 2015, Tomnuk was an ICFF Studio Finalist.

Noteworthy Products From Tomnuk Design

The Veil Pendant Light holds the qualities one would expect from Tomnuk Design, minimalistic and unique. This pendant uses basic geometric shapes to make up its simple structure. What makes up the “veil” is steel that has been carefully perforated and then layered to envelope a glowing glass orb. This choice allows the pendant light to have a lampshade while keeping a sleek and smooth visage.

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Tomnuk Design