Anywhere Fireplace

The Anywhere Fireplace Story

Founded by a mother and son over 10 years ago, Anywhere Fireplace embodies the founders’ vision of creating visually appealing indoor/outdoor decor that breathes new life into outdoor areas like patios and sunrooms as well as indoor spaces like dens, dining areas, and great rooms. Using environmentally friendly proprietary fuel, the fireplaces and torches by this brand are a safe, easy-to-use modern solution.

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Why We Love Anywhere Fireplace

Specializing in ventless fireplaces and a variety of indoor and outdoor fireplace accessories, Anywhere Fireplace products are loved for their ease of use and aesthetic value. Each Anywhere Fireplace collection includes torches and fireplaces that are made from high-quality materials that lend a professionally curated look to both indoor and outdoor spaces. As evidenced by the name, the best-selling products from this brand include indoor tabletop fireplaces and matching outdoor torch packages made of weather-resistant stainless steel in a variety of decorative finishes.

The Anywhere Fireplace design team delivers price-conscious, top-quality outdoor fireplaces that use the latest ventless technology combined with a proprietary fuel that eliminates the risk of dangerous sparks, smoke, residue, and soot. These ventless fireplaces are better for the environment, emitting only water vapor and a minimal amount of carbon dioxide, which is a departure from traditional wood burning fireplaces.

Fun Facts About Anywhere Fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace utilizes a variety of environmentally-friendly fuels that provide hours of enjoyment without soot, ash, sparks, or any of the inconveniences associate with traditional fireplaces and torches. Known for a commitment to safety, Anywhere Fireplace designs use either gel or oil citronella, and each piece comes with detailed instructions to remove any guesswork.

Noteworthy Products from Anywhere Fireplace

The Southampton Teak Standing Torches infuse spaces with functional and decorative lighting. Featuring genuine teak, these torches mimic real fire with none of the hassle. For contemporary outdoor spaces, the Empire Tabletop Fireplace features an included stainless-steel fire snuffer and a recessed top that makes it easy to add decorative elements. And the Empire Compact Fireplace is well-suited to spaces with minimal square footage - such as balconies or small patio areas - featuring lightweight materials that makes it easy to transport from room to room.

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Anywhere Fireplace