Alloy LED

The Alloy LED Story

From the very beginning, Alloy LED was determined to manufacture and distribute superior LED lighting solutions to any other on the market. Residing on the principle of “Better Light Through Better Living,” Alloy employed a gamut of high-tech services to reach its client-base, including a supreme interoperable product portfolio and access to a highly-trained customer support team. By establishing the vision that the right lighting solution works to make any space more beautiful and aesthetically sound, Alloy continues to be the invisible force that enhances the way people work and live.

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Why We Love Alloy LED Lighting

Alloy LED is founded on safeguarding the customer experience with every purchase made. To ensure each transaction and design project is a smooth one, Alloy supplies a vast network of customer support, including the necessary technical documentation and instructions for every product available. Dedicated to keeping installation processes easy and customer satisfaction high, Alloy confirms its product superiority through vigorous in-house testing to ensure each purchase works well out-of-the-box.

Fun Facts About Alloy LED

Alloy LED interprets lighting as a fourth dimension of architecture. As a torch-bearer for superior LED efficiency, the company resides on the belief that light is the discreet character that affects an entire space and the people and objects within it. When done professionally, light becomes the invisible force that modifies and conveys the mood, purpose of space and comfort around you. Alloy LED works to enhance the world you live in, one room at a time.

Noteworthy Products from Alloy LED

One of the most versatile LED products available today, Alloy’s PrimaLine LED Tape Lights make it easy to crisply light up any range of environment, from shelves, coves, closets and walls. Boasting industry-leading CRI and R values for flawless color rendering light output, these tape lights run for hours on end while maintaining low heat and high output. More impressively, PrimaLine LED Tape Lights are dimmable and retain high R9 and R13 values for warm tones and optional light temperatures, making it most flexible and advanced pieces of LED technology on the market.

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Alloy LED