Estiluz Lighting

The Estiluz Story

The year is 1969--the year of free love and expression, experimentation, war, change and art. Europe, as with the rest of the world, is reinventing itself. As a mode of artistic expression, designer Leonardo Marelli begins an adventure in San Joan de les Abadesses just outside Barcelona, Spain, that will become a leader in contemporary lighting design around the world.

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That adventure is Estiluz. And ever since, Estiluz lights have brought an approachable edge to the lighting design world.

Why We Love Estiluz Lighting

With high concept contemporary lines and simple, strong metal designs, it would be easy to categorize Estiluz as an example of sharp modernity--but for its friendliness. There's something about these designs, their rounded nature, their fluid, comfortable shapes that make them approachable for the Everyman. Estiluz lights excel at breaking the European lighting design boundaries as they delve into the gentler side of contemporary with soft, supple textiles. There's just something unexpected about Estiluz, and that "something" keeps us coming back for more.

A Fun Fact About Estiluz

The name "Estiluz" comes from the Spanish phrase for "this is light."

Noteworthy Lighting from Estiluz

The Infiore Pendant by Estiluz has a certain playfulness and youthful vitality, especially evident in its bright, spring green color option and flower-like shape. And the E-LLUM collection is a fine example of Estiluz' glassblowing and etching artistry.

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