The Eco-Feu Story

In Europe, bioethanol fireplaces have been around for a long while. But they haven't always been accessible to many in North America because of their high cost. In 2008, Gilles Poupart changed things with the founding of Eco-Feu. Instead of importing eco-friendly fireplaces from Europe, Eco-Feu designs and distributes its extensive line of contemporary bioethanol fireplaces from its home in Montreal, Canada. Designs range from small tabletop fireplaces that you can take anywhere to fixed fireplace inserts.

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Why We Love Eco-Feu Fireplaces

Eco-Feu fireplaces are beautiful in three ways. One, they are literally beautiful, with sleek, contemporary designs complemented by stainless steel or durable powder coated finishes. Two, Eco-Feu fireplaces are easy to re-fill and use, thereby quickly enabling their useful functions of warming up and adding ambience to indoor and outdoor spaces. Three, as their name suggests, Eco-Feu (or "Eco-Fire," in English) does its warming up in an ecologically friendly manner by only using clean-burning bioethanol fuel.

A Fun Fact About Eco-Feu

Eco-Feu fireplaces have appeared on TV several times, including home improvement shows on HGTV.

Noteworthy Products from Eco-Feu

The Vision Fireplace shows just how versatile Eco-Feu fireplaces can be. It comes in an array of sizes and finishes that make it suitable for use on indoor or outdoor tabletops, counters, floors and even as an insert in formerly wood-burning fireplaces.

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