Innovation Living

The Innovation Living Story

Innovation Living, a Danish modern furniture company, has been developing versatile, durable furniture since 1989. Steeped in the traditions of Scandinavian design, the company combines simple and timeless profiles with innovative mechanisms to produce a line of convertible sofa beds, lounge chairs and ottomans that address the unique needs of contemporary compact and multifunctional living.

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Their modular modern sofa beds imbue the rooms they inhabit with a distinct sense of coziness and tranquility as they multitask to provide both comfortable seating and a restful night’s sleep.

Why We Love Innovation Living Furniture

Innovation Living produces multifunctional sofas and modern sleepers with an eye on versatility, particularly in small living spaces where space is at a premium. The company is also keenly aware that one size does not fit all—various sofa leg and arm options and a variety of other add-ons make each piece of furniture customizable and unique. Plus, the company is dedicated to environmental and social responsibility; all recyclable waste is repurposed, while improving working conditions and environmental impact are core pillars of the company’s philosophy.

A Fun Fact About Innovation Living

Founder Flemming Højfeldt originally started out designing beanbags in the 1970s, and even cooperated with Danish design icon Verner Panton, before turning to developing mattresses.

Noteworthy Products From Innovation Living

Exemplifying Innovation Living’s vision is the Splitback Sofa Bed, a modern and elegant multifunction sofa that allows you to sit, relax or sleep. Its tufted design and stainless-steel base capture attention, while its high-resilience foam mattress offers endless comfort. And the Unfurl Sofa bed offers a compact design and youthful silhouette with cutout detailing on the cushion and slim tapered legs. Plus, the seat back adjusts to relax or sleep positions.

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Innovation Living