Lyon Beton

The Lyon Béton Story

Raw and industrial are only half the story when it comes to French studio Lyon Béton. From some of the roughest, toughest raw material around—concrete—Lyon Béton partners with world-class designers to create elegant furniture and furnishings that are more than the sum of their parts. Their claim to fame is right in the name—béton is French for “concrete,” and their home city of Lyon, France, was declared the second most innovative city in France in 2014. And what this studio does with their medium of choice is innovating on many levels, from reimagining uses for an industrial material to highlighting the conceptual and personal nature of home furnishings.

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Why We Love Lyon Béton Products

Lyon Béton explores the interpretation of their material as a design element, drawing inspiration from modernist movements like Brutalism while infusing a sense of artistic, conceptual design into each piece. All their designs are handmade from natural materials (like cement, sand, water and steel fibers) in a carefully developed set of steps, and natural variations in the material are expected to add personality and individuality to each piece.

Noteworthy Products From Lyon Béton

A collaboration with ironworkers in Marmande, France, the Perspective collection elevates a slab of concrete above a squared tubular frame for a hardy-but-light juxtaposition. And the Hauteville Chair is a familiar silhouette reimagined in Lyon Béton’s signature concrete mix to make this unusual material uncommonly comfortable.

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Lyon Beton