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The Hip Haven Story

In the 1950s, Americans were fascinated by anything modern or "space age," and dreamed about what the future would bring. Well, the future is here. And while the '50s have long since passed, designs from that era continue to charm and inspire. That includes Austin, Texas-based designer Kelley Sandidge, who was inspired enough to found Hip Haven in 2002, specializing in mid-century modern influenced planters, lighting and other home decor. Nostalgia with a twist, Hip Haven products are ideal for finishing off a retro design scheme or blending in with other contemporary decor.

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Why We Love Hip Haven Planters

Nothing embodies the technological advancements, optimism and futuristic aesthetic of the Atomic Era like bullet planters. The Retro Bullet Planter reproductions produced today by Hip Haven are faithful to those originals, made out of the same revolutionary molded fiberglass (just like the distinctive shell chairs designed by Charles & Ray Eames). They are colorful, playfully shaped and, perhaps most importantly, functional and versatile. While intended for displaying plants, Hip Haven planters are also useful as fun ice buckets, toy boxes or magazine holders.

A Fun Fact About Hip Haven

While many manufacturers produced the original bullet planter back in the 1950s, no one ever patented the design. Nor has anyone ever claimed to be the first to come up with it (although it is generally agreed that they first began to appear around the San Francisco Bay Area). Suggested sources of inspiration including conical satellite dishes and repurposed WWII airplane parts.

Noteworthy Products From Hip Haven

As a scaled-down variation on the classic Retro Bullet, the Mini Retro Bullet Planter is suitable for shelves, counters and tabletops indoors and out. And while the original Bullet needs to be protected from inclement weather, the Patio Pod does not. Its spun metal planter and stainless steel hairpin legs can handle any weather conditions.

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Hip Haven