The Pallucco Lighting Story

Founded in 1982 in Treviso, Italy, Pallucco Lighting is a company that subscribes to the philosophy that art should prevail over design. In the following decades, Pallucco would respond to changing trends in the design world with a constant effort to create products that are relevant while also embracing historical and timeless design.

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Through the collaborative efforts of an international network of designers—all of whom share a common interest in creating aesthetically inspiring lighting—the diverse Pallucco collection embodies functional and sustainable ideals with an intrinsic sense of artistic value.

Why We Love Pallucco Lighting

As a whole, Pallucco’s lighting collection is confidently unique—each piece could easily stand alone as a decorative art object as well as a functional light source. Always with a base in formal design, the shift between different art directors from around the world over the years has produced a global sense of design throughout. As a result, the range of products portray a multitude of design sensibilities (both past and present) that can also adapt with new technology.

Fun Facts About Pallucco Lighting

Lighting engineer Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949) is not only the creator and namesake of the famous Fortuny Floor Lamp, he was also a well-known fashion designer. During his illustrious career, Fortuny established a successful textile business and also designed the “Delphos Gown” that was popular in the early 20th century.

Noteworthy Products from Pallucco Lighting

Based on the design from 1907, the Pallucco Lighting Fortuny Rubelli Floor Lamp revamps the original lighting solution with luxurious fabrics chosen by Dominique Kieffer. The broad adjustable umbrella shade (initially intended to recreate natural indoor lighting for stage productions) sends indirect illumination from a hidden light source that brightens the metallic fabric interiors. The highly inventive design has permeated arts industries for over a century, standing as a familiar object that could easily be placed in a photographer’s studio as well as a residential space.

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