Ridgely Studio

The Ridgely Studio Story

Ridgely Studio was founded in 2000 by Zac Ridgely, son of Canadian architect Gordon Ridgely and graduate of the Fine Arts program at Emily Carr. Through his passion for art and light, his company has pushed the boundaries of form, bringing a sculptural edge that combines beauty, innovation, and function. The studio has since grown to international status, both through their standard product line as well as custom artistic pieces that Ridgely himself remains available to build.

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Why We Love Ridgely Studio Lighting

Ridgely Studio produces innovative sculptural pieces with an eclectic array of materials such as crushed glass, cut art glass, onyx, mica, steel mesh, spun stainless and golden aluminum. In some cases, materials are incorporated into a design having little to do with lighting itself, and yet the resulting product is elegant and functional, making a decorative statement while blending with the surrounding space.

Fun Facts About Ridgely Studio

Ridgely Studio’s custom one-off products are featured on houseandhome.com, showcased in Actor Yannick Bisson’s (from “Murdoch Mysteries”) home. In an interview, Yannick called founder Zac Ridgely a “good good friend of ours.”

Noteworthy Products from Ridgely Studio

The Hex Criss Cross LED Chandelier by Ridgely Studio is a captivating blend of sculptural art and energy-efficient lighting. Its hexagonal silhouette, available in many different finishes, is adorned with artistically welded Steel square rods which suspend under an integrated LED light source, catching the light for a dramatic, shimmering ambiance.

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Ridgely Studio