Electric Mirror

The Electric Mirror Story

Electric Mirror started in 1997 in the Lynnwood, Washington, garage of founders Jim and Faith Mischel. When the couple's son Jim Jr. reached adulthood, it was only natural for him to join the family business. Even the couple's brothers and sisters have joined in on the action, bringing their unique skills and expertise to the company. What began with just four employees has blossomed into a much larger operation, now employing more than 380 people. The company moved from a small facility into its current 125,000 square-foot space in Everett, WA, back in December 2015, and it isn't showing any signs of slowing its growth. Electric Mirror holds more than 40 patents for the technology used in its products, thanks to years of steadfast dedication to innovation.

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Why We Love Electric Mirror

The Electric Mirror company is known for its high-end lighted mirrors, medicine cabinets and more. The overall aesthetic is crisp and contemporary, delivering products that look great in a variety of settings, from homes to hotels and beyond. Electric Mirror's elegant styling allows its products to fit well with many decorative styles without distracting from your other decor. The product line also includes ingenious TV mirrors, as well as decorative framed mirrors.

A Fun Fact About Electric Mirror

All Electric Mirror products are manufactured right here in the United States. The company is committed to keeping its prices affordable without sacrificing quality, and that includes avoiding tariffs imposed on imported products and materials. Electric Mirror is also dedicated to providing jobs for American workers, with nearly 400 employees at its facility in the Pacific Northwest.

Noteworthy Products by Electric Mirror

The Integrity Lighted Mirror with AVA features a frosted light that wraps around all four edges of the mirror to create a frame-like effect. The Silhouette Lighted Mirror is backlit, giving the impression that it is floating in front of the wall. Finally, the Fusion Lighted Mirror boasts two strips of light set in from the sides of the mirror, creating a modern statement in any bathroom.

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Electric Mirror