Lechuza Planters

The Lechuza Story

Beautiful planters that are beautifully functional. That's what Horst Brandstatter wanted when he first decided to use his company's plastics expertise to create stylish indoor and outdoor planters that could also provide long-term irrigation. In 1998, the first designs of durable plastic planters complete with an effective self-watering system were created, and Lechuza was born. Since then, much like the plants they care for, the line of water-wise and eco-friendly Lechuza planters has continued to grow at a healthy pace. They are all still made in Germany and exported worldwide.

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Why We Love Lechuza Planters

With Lechuza's line of self-watering planters, you never have to be afraid of over- or under-watering your plants ever again. The specially designed reservoir supplies water to plants just when it's needed, and can hold enough to last up to 12 weeks. There's a water indicator level. Removable liners allow you to switch out plants easily. The list of unique features goes on and on. And this includes the style of the planters themselves, with clean contemporary designs highlighted by an eye-catching range of glossy and metallic finishes.

A Fun Fact About Lechuza

Lechuza means owl in Spanish, chosen because the Lechuza sub-irrigation system watches over plants like a wise and watchful owl.

Noteworthy Products by Lechuza

As the largest horizontal planter that Lechuza offers, the Cararo Planter is also the only planter that comes standard with rollers, allowing for effortless moving and rearranging.

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